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Welcome to the RFA Charter School Conversion Information page.

Here you'll find the latest links and information on the Charter School Conversion process as it relates to Rowlett Elementary.  Please feel free to browse through the links and contact the school with any questions you may have. 

Recent Updates

UPDATE - June 1st:  Rowlett Magnet Elementary School will officially become Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication on July 1st, 2014! Congratulations and thanks to all our Rowlett parents and staff for all the hard work over the last year getting us to this point.  The conversion to a charter school means we will not only manage our own funding to keep our amazing enrichment programs in arts, technology and communication but grow them for the benefit of all our children.  That's what it's all about!


UPDATE - May 24:  The Manatee County School Board approved the Charter School transportation agreement for the 2014-2015 school year.  Bus service will continue next year without interuption.  Thanks to everyone who made their voices heard on the issue!

UPDATE - February 25:  The Manatee County School Board unanimously approved Superintendent Rick Mills' approval recommendation of Rowlett's contract for various services for the 2014-2019 school years!  This was an important milestone and we would like to thank all those who worked so hard to reach an agreement.

School Board Agenda (may take a minute to load)

Approved Contract


UPDATE - September 9th:  The Manatee County School Board unanimously approved Superintendent Rick Mills' recommendation of Rowlett's Charter Conversion application!  Congratulations to all and keep up the great work!


UPDATE - August 30th:  Superintendent Rick Mills recommends School Board approval of Rowlett's Charter Conversion application!  Please show your support of Rowlett by attending the School Board meeting on September 9th to hear their final vote.   


Click here for more information on the September 9th School Board meeting.


Click here to see Rowlett's charter school application evaluation and recommendation from the District.

UPDATE - August 15th:  Rowlett submitted it's Charter School application to the Manatee County School District on August 1st.  The application will now be reviewed by the District and dispositioned by October 1st. 


Click here to read the application that was submitted.

SAC Conversion Charter School Meeting - May 29th (above)

-Superintendent Charter School Meeting Video - May 22nd

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