Families Helping Families Committee

Welcome to the Families Helping Families committee page.​

Families Helping Families is a volunteer based committee created by parents at Rowlett to provide the basic food staples for those in need. We are currently serving over several Rowlett family members with bi-monthly food distributions. All items donated to the school are collected every Thursday and kept in our Food Pantry closet located on the school grounds.

The Rowlett Food Bank has opened its doors for another year! Our weekly food collection program will continue every Thursday throughout the school year.

Food Pantry Shopping List

Below are items currently needed most in the Rowlett Food Bank:

Please donate only the items listed & CHECK FOR CURRENT EXPIRATION DATES.

Basic Staples (Articulos Basicos)

Corn Flour (maseca)

Cooking Oil (aceite de cocinar)

White rice (arroz)

Dried Beans (frijoles secos)

Pinto/red kidney/lentils/black/chick peas/other(pinto/rojas/lentejas/negros/garbanzos/otro)

Pastas (pasta)

Spaghetti (espagueti)

Sugar (azucar)

Salt (sal)

Breakfast Items (Desayuno)

Boxed cereal (cajas de cereal)

Cereal/granola bars (barras de cereal/granola)

Oatmeal (avena)

Canned Fruit & Vegetables(Frutas y Vegetales enlatadas)

Fruit (frutas)

Peaches (duranzos)

Pears (pears)

Fruit cocktail (coctel de frutas)

Pineapple (pina)

Vegetables (vegetales)

Peas (guisantesverde)

Corn (maiz)

Green beans (judiaverde)

Carrots (zanahorrias)

Potatoes (papa)

Tomato sauce (salsa de tomates)

Canned tomatoes (tomatesenlatadas)

Prepared spaghetti sauce (salsa de espagueti)

How can you help? Each week, have your child bring in one or more items listed on the shopping list below and place them in their classroom food bank box.  Every Thursday, all items will be collected and taken to our food bank.  Points are awarded for each item donated and at the end of every month, the grade with the highest points will win a Snow Cone Party or Barbeque.  Each week, "high priority" items needed in the food bank will be announced on the Rowlett News Show.  Extra points are awarded for each of these items.  Let the competition begin!

Another way to help is through our "Adopt-a-Family" program.  Through "Adopt -a-Family", you can pledge a monthly, tax deductible cash donation to purchase perishable items such as milk, eggs, cheese, bread and tortillas for a Rowlett Family each month. A $25 donation supports one package of perishables for a family of six.  Donation forms are located in the front office or you may download and print the form on this site.  Please consider a monthly, tax deductible contribution through "Adopt-a-Family".  This form can be returned to the front office attn: FHF.

We look forward to overflowing food boxes and another successful year because of your generous donations and continued support!

Additional Services:

-Easter hams 

-Uniforms for students in need

-Crisis Intervention

-Temporary assistance to families affected by an unexpected crisis


If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for this committee, please contact the Committee Linda Tobiassen. 

Please note:  We are currently in need of parent volunteers to help with food collection.

Canned beans (Frijoles enlatadas)

Pinto (pinto)

Red (rojas)

Black (negros)

Chickpeas (garbanzos)

Canned Meats (Carnes enlatadas)

Tuna (atun)

Chicken (pollo)

Ham (jamon)

Pork (cerdo)

Sausage (longaniza/salchichas)


Snacks (Bocadillos)

Juice (jugos)

Cookies (galletasdulce)

Crackers (salados)

Hygiene Items (Articulos de Hygiene)

ShampooConditioner (acondicionador)

Body Soap (jabon)

Deodorant (desodorante)

Toothpaste (pasta de dientes)

Tooth brushes (cepillos de dientes)

Shaving cream (crema de afeitar)

Feminine Products (productos femeninos)