Kid's Bank

Kid's Bank is a fully functioning bank run by Rowlett students. The program is sponsored by Bank of America. The 5th graders in the program are recommended by teachers and then selected and trained by Bank of America staff. The Kid's Bank team is responsible for running the bank as well as promoting it and creating a presentation to Bank of America officers at the end of the year.​

Kid's Bank Grand Opening October!

The Kid’s Bank Grand Opening will be held from 8:00 - 8:45 a.m. on October 23rd for Grades K-2 and on October 30th for Grades 3-5. Students will be able to make deposits or open savings accounts on those dates. ​

Information About Minor Savings Accounts (Under 18)

​​Parents can make automatic transfers from checking.

​​Under 18 years old, beginning a savings program​

Interest bearing account

​​Variable interest rate

​​Minimum amount to open - $25.00

No monthly maintenance fee​

​​After you turn 18, we automatically convert your Minor Savings to a Regular Savings account.

Each monthly statement cycle you can make a total of three withdrawals and transfers with no Excess Withdrawal.

If you maintain a minimum daily balance of $300 or more in your savings account, you may make additional withdrawals and transfers with no Excess Withdrawal fee.  Otherwise, the Excess Withdrawal fee is $1.00 for each withdrawal and transfer during the statement cycle above the three.  This fee applies to withdrawals and transfers at ATMs, teller lines, by telephone, Online Banking, and by any other electronic means.

If you have any questions, please email our Kid's Bank coordinators Laurie Hamill or Monica Corbett.

Check back soon for more details...