Kid's Bank
What is Kid’s Bank?

By Madi C. And Maria D.


Kid’s Bank is a student run bank, sponsored by Bank of America. Kid’s Bank is open to all students, K-5, at Rowlett Academy. 

Kid’s Bank is an excellent opportunity for kids all around school, especially for 5th graders, because they can work at the bank. They get in by actually applying for the job while they’re in 4th grade. Kid’s Bank is supervised and the fifth graders are trained by Bank of America employee volunteers, parent volunteers, and staff volunteers.

Check out our Rowlett Kid's Bank commercials written and directed by the Kid's Bank student Marketing and Advertising team.


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How it Works

Students can open savings accounts at the Grand Openings and on the first Tuesday of every month. You must be with your parent or guardian to open an account. 

After the Grand Openings, students can make deposits EVERY Tuesday from 8:00-8:30 a.m. to maintain their accounts.  You DON’T need a parent to come with you if you are just making deposits into your account.

What kinds of jobs can 5th graders have?

5th graders at Kid’s Bank can have different jobs. Many of the jobs include: Tellers, Bank Officers, Guards, Greeters, Historians (photographers/videographers), and Marketing Teams.  All groups are trained before the bank is opened and get to go on a field trip to tour a regular Bank of America.  Part of the marketing team is the writing team/ historians. In marketing, you make posters, create commercials, and pitch them to our favorite administrator, Mr. Flynn and our favorite film director, Mr. Walters.  The marketing team also decides on the promotions by studying the amount of Kid’s Bank business we have each month.

What are some of the Promotions?

Everyday promotions: Every time you come into the bank to deposit money, you get to reach into the grab bag.   You can get prizes like Bank of America water bottles, lunch boxes, Frisbees, piggybanks, change holders, etc.  You are also put into the drawing for free movie coupons that are good for refreshments and tickets.

Monthly promotions:

Monthly promotions are promotions that only pop up once in a while and last for one or two months. For instance, a few from last year include pictures with Rowlie, an ice cream party; dunk Mr. Flynn, a snow cone party, and more.  You have to do something special to get these prizes.  Usually, you have to either open a new account OR make a deposit of $25.00 or more into your account.

​The marketing team is thinking of great new ideas for promotions, as the months progress. We hope to get the “ok” from Mr. Flynn soon, to pitch our new ideas out to the school, which include co-principal for the day, homework and recess passes (with your teacher’s okay), and Rowdy Rowlie Rally passes so you automatically get to play the games.

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Kid's Bank News

articles by Rowlett Kid's Bank students

Customers will be able to open accounts on the first Tuesday of each month.  Deposits can be made EVERY week.

Latest Promotion!

If you deposit $10.00 or more to an existing account OR you open a new account for $25.00, you win...


  • Rowlie will show up for pictures! OR You can get an autographed photo of Rowlie!

  • You get your name on a list for a Holiday Cookie Decorating Party. (to be held in December)

  • You get an adorable stuffed Rowlie owlet! (only for Grand Openings)

  • You get a Grab Bag Prize, if you turn in your savings goal leaf - Kid's Bank Customers only!

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​To open an account remember to bring in...


• an adult who will be in charge of the account.

• a deposit of $25.00 or more.

• two different kinds of identification, one must be a photo I.D.

• the social security cards for child who is opening the account and for the accompanying adult.

If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Hamill or Monica Corbett at (941) 708-6100.