Welcome to the RFA's Mittens Program Committee page. 

The RFA Mittens Committee is thrilled to be working with K-Kids this year! Together, we will be working to "warm up" the holidays for our Rowlett families (current and former students) in need. As involved parents at Rowlett, we know what a difference our families make at the school and our hearts go out particularly to those children who may go "without" at Christmas. We look forward to ensuring that ALL our families have a special Christmas that will leave the children filled with the magic and wonder of this special time of year!


Please be a part of this special opportunity. We can almost guarantee it will touch your heart as much, if not more, as it will touch those you are reaching out to help.

Mittens Program Committee

There are many ways to help make a difference on the Mittens Committee this year. Please contact Beth Grogan at grogs@earthlink.net if you would like to help out in any way!

Don't have time to serve on the committee? You can still help out. Just stop by the Mittens table whenever you see our special travel bulletin boards with snowmen and mittens displayed for more information.

Read more about the Mittens Program and K-Kids in this feature article published in Scene Magazine.