Principal Kim Penman

A Message Principal, Kim Penman

Dear Rowlett Families, 

I am so honored and excited to be Rowlett's Principal beginning the 2016-17 school year! 


Nine years ago while teaching at Palma Sola Elementary I had the opportunity to spend the day "shadowing" Mr. Flynn, I can honestly say that day changed my career path. Through my shadowing experience I became an instant Raving Fan of Rowlett Elementary. While on campus the commitment to educating the whole child, the arts, teacher enthusiasm, and overall positive feel on the campus was clearly evident and I knew I had found the place where school was truly about what is best for students. A few months later I was moving my boxes into Rowlett as a K/1 Teacher!

Prior to coming to Rowlett my teaching experiences included eight years in Pinellas County Schools. I hold certifications for both K-6 Elementary and Exceptional Student. During those eight years in Pinellas County I had the opportunity to complete several different teaching assignments in grades K-5 general education, inclusion, physically impaired and autistic classrooms. Each of these classrooms were amazing opportunities in which to teach and to help students grow as learners and community members.


During this time I was chosen to become a founding teacher of Gulfport Montessori, a public magnet school in Pinellas County. In preparing for this teaching assignment I completed a Masters Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Montessori from Barry University. 


While working for the University of South Florida Educational Research and Development Team, I was introduced to the philosophy of balanced literacy. This philosophy matched my own beliefs of how students learn best by pairing the instruction of reading with writing. I researched local school districts and discovered Manatee County practiced this philosophy. In the Fall of 2005 I began my Manatee County teaching career at Palma Sola Elementary teaching 4th and 5th grade. This was my first experience fully integrating EDGE, a technology curriculum, into the classroom. 


Throughout my career I  took on additional roles of leadership- co-chairing the School Improvement Plan, serving as Team Leader, analyzing school wide data to impact student achievement, and chairing the PTA. Those experiences led to my interest in pursuing school administrative leadership.  As a result, I began attending classes in Educational Leadership at the University of South Florida.  In the Spring of 2010 I graduated with my Ed Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. I was invited to be part of Manatee County's Leadership Cadre. This was a great opportunity to grow as a administrative leader and to put what I was learning in my classes into practice in the schools of which I was a part. 


Once my first K/1 Loop at Rowlett was completed, Mr. Flynn approached me about taking on the role of RtI (Response to Intervention) Facilitator. I readily accepted this opportunity to impact school wide student achievement.  In this capacity I worked with grade level teachers to develop the appropriate interventions that would positively impact student growth. I was continuously inspired by the diligence, dedication and commitment of our teachers as they assisted their students to meet with success. They are an outstanding team of hard working professionals.


Four years ago, I was selected as the Assistant Principal at Rowlett. What an amazing opportunity this has been! Working beside Mr. Flynn has given me many valuable lessons in leadership. As Assistant Principal I have been involved in all areas of curriculum, staff development, student assessment and support services. Since coming to Rowlett I have had the privilege of working with both staff and our Rowlett parents on several projects. I have been a part of SAC and the Rowlett Family Association, participating and co-chairing for several committee activities.  The commitment of our parents is humbling. Their dedication to the well being of our students and Rowlett community is like none other that I have ever experienced.  


In the Spring of 2013 I became a Founding Board Member for Rowlett Academy and took a lead role in preparing, researching and writing  the Rowlett Charter application.  What an exciting time for Rowlett! Being part of Rowlett's conversion to charter school has been an additional first hand learning experience for understanding school operations. Becoming a charter school ensures that our teachers can deliver a curriculum focused on academic success while continuing our school wide philosophy of educating the whole child, preparing life-long learners and leaders of tomorrow utilizing the arts. 


I am so proud to be part of the Rowlett Family!  This Staff goes above and beyond every day, committed to student achievement. Thank you for all you do to make Rowlett a great school! 

Thank you in advance for your support.  I am looking forward to synergizing with all our families and staff as we continue on a path of academic success and leadership.​

Here are some helpful reminders to help ensure your child's success at Rowlett Academy:


• Have your child at school on time,

• Share your day with your child and ask them to do the same,

• Read to your child and have them read to you each day,

• Share your child’s strengths, talents, and interests with your child’s teacher,

• Make appointments as needed to discuss your child’s progress or concerns,

• Understand and reinforce school rules and expectations at home,

• Get actively involved with the Rowlett Family Association and support our school’s fundraising efforts,

• Attend our monthly SAC meetings.

Relax and enjoy your child’s journey at Rowlett. Remember we are a team working together for the benefit of your child. Together we can ensure your child’s success.

Mrs. Kim Penman