Article I

Name of Organization


William Monroe Rowlett Academy for Arts and Communication School Advisory Council (SAC).


Article II Purpose and Function


Section 1. Purpose


The primary purpose of the school advisory council (SAC) is to serve in an advisory capacity to the principal to improve education, school policies and procedures, and create a formal line of communication between the school, the Board of Directors, home and community.


Section 2. Function


The school advisory council shall strive to perform the following functions:


1. Assist in the review of the Florida School Report.

2. Assist in the development of the school annual report.

3. Assist in the school improvement plan or its equivalent.

4. Assist in the development of the School Uniform Policy.

5. Facilitate communication between school, home and community.

6. Consider any other matters that maybe brought to it by the principal.



Article III Membership


Section 1. Representation


1. There shall be diverse representation of the community served by the school advisory council.

2. The number of council members is open and unlimited to the school community of parents, teachers and school staff.

3. The principal and assistant principal shall be ex-officio members.




Section 2. Selection Procedure


The school advisory council shall be open to all in the school community who wish to attend meetings and participate in voting on school items at the meetings.




Article IV Meetings


The first meeting of the school year shall be prior to October 31. Regular meetings shall be scheduled as needed, no less than three each year, and shall be called by the principal or the chairperson.


The chairperson or principal upon reasonable notice to all members may call special meetings.

The annual meeting of the school advisory council shall be held prior to the last day in May.




Article V Voting Procedure


A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting shall be based on the school community attending a published meeting.  The people in attendance shall constitute a quorum and shall have voting rights. No proxy voting shall be permitted. 




Article VI Officers


Section 1. Number


1. The officers of the school advisory council shall consist of a chairperson,  secretary and if elected an assistant chairperson.


2. The officers of the school advisory council shall be elected at meeting of the council. Vacacies maybe filled at any meeting of the council.


Section 2. Duties of the Officers


1. The chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the school advisoy council and shall have such other duties as maybe prescribed by the council. The chairperson shall serve as an ex-officio member of the council and committees.


2. In the absence of the chairperson, the assistant chairperson shall perform all duties of the chairperson.


3. The secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the council.


Section3. Term


1. The Chairperson of the school advisory council shall serve a two-year term and shall not exceed three consecutive terms.

2. The secretary and assistant chairperson shall serve a one year term.

3. Should the chairperson step down from the position on SAC they will also step down from the Board of Directors.

4. The assistant chairperson will replace the chairperson for the remainder of the term on the Board of Directors; if the position is refused a school advisory council meeting will be published and a chairperson will be elected for the remainder of the tern.


Article VII Committees


Except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, the chairperson shall appoint the members and designate the chairperson of standing and other committees.



                                                                Article VIII



Section 1. Amendments


These By-Laws may be amended by the affirmative vote of the majority of the school advisory council in attendance at a published meeting. No action shall be taken to amend any By-Laws unless written notice of the proposed amendment(s) has been given at least five days prior to the meeting.


Section 2. Attendance


The school community of parents, guardians, staff members and teachers may attend as many or as few meetings as they chose. Only members who are present at a meeting may vote on published or non-published issues. 

Section 3.  Report of the School Advisory Council


The School Advisory Council shall evaluate itself annually as prescribed by the school board policy.


Section 4. Expenditures

If the need to spend school advisory council funds arises between meetings, the principal is granted approval for expenses up to $500. Expenses shall be reported by the principal to the school advisory council at the next meeting.





Revised and approved Created this 12th day of May 2014.