School Uniforms

Parents now have two choices when ordering school uniforms. This year's school uniform vendors are Manatee Apparel and Lands' End School Uniforms. Please plan ahead and order your uniforms early this summer to avoid any last minute ordering delays.

Lands' End Online Ordering Information:

Go to Lands’ End School Uniforms to outfit your boys and girls in clothing that meets dress codes and exceeds expectations. Shop online at

After entering the Lands' End website, click on the "Look up your school" link near the bottom right corner of the page. Rowlett's preferred school number is 900139031. A copy of the school's dress code guidelines is also available on the site.

Manatee Apparel Ordering Information:

Go to Manatee Apparel's special online ordering website at to place your order.


Rowlett Academy uniforms will be available July 1st but you are encouraged to preorder early.  


You may also call (941) 746-6353.  Business hours are from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.