Welcome to the RFA's Veteran's Day Committee page.  ​

Each year, Rowlett hosts a spectacular event at school honoring veterans in our community.  This is a very special day that Rowlett is extremely proud and honored to hold.

Celebrations begin with a parade through the courtyard to honor over 100 veterans who are joined Rowlett students in our tribute to our military heroes. A Color Guard from the American Legion leads the way, followed by Rowlett students with beautiful banners prepared for the occasion. Flags are waving and hundreds of students are smiling and shouting their approval. The courtyard presentation includes the Southeast High School JROTC Drill Team, special music from the Rowlett Boys Choir and the Rowlett Faculty Chorus and a keynote address delivered by featured veterans.  The Rowlett Chorus, Dance, Drama, and Strings Programs continue the festivities by presenting their special musical program called, "Until Every One Comes Home."  Over two hundred Rowlett students typically participate in the heartfelt show.  This is a wonderful day and a wonderful way to say "thank you" to our veterans.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for this committee, please contact the school at (941) 708-6100.

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Veteran's Day Committee